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Explanation of Quran (Tafseer)

Bilal Ahmed Madani Islamic Scholar and Shariah Advisor

Included in the explanation of the Quran and the Commandments Details of Halal and Haram

Included in the explanation of the Quran are 

The Story behind the Ayahs 
The correct explanation of the Ayahs 
The reasons for the Revalation of Ayahs and details of Commandments 
Details of Halal and Haram 
Explanation of how to spend life according to the Quran And much more. With Specialist Male and Female Tutors


  1. 1-1 classes
  2. The package includes a free Quran soft copy, and monthly progress reports.
  3. Regular assignments & revisions, tests.
  4. Course completion certificate after a final evaluation.
  5. Payments modes are PayPal and debit/credit cards

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